how to make a short movie clip

Dashed Trail

STEP 1. Creating the Script and Storyboard Think of a short story you want to tell in less than 10 minutes. Focus on one basic idea so the short story isn't overly complicated.

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

STEP 2. Plan the BUDGET

Set a budget. You will thank yourself later. Especially if it’s an extended project.

Dashed Trail

STEP 3. Analyze all expenses

Consider all your stops, Keep in mind all the things you want to spend your money on. 

STEP 4. Completing Pre-Production 

1. Scout for locations. 2. Get actors for the movie. 3. Recruit a crew.  4. Purchase or rent filming equipment. 

Dashed Trail

STEP 5. Shooting the Film 

1. Rehearse the scene.  2. Dress the actors in their costumes.  3. Film the scenes in the movie.  4. Focus on visuals.  5. Thank your cast and crew once shooting has finished. 

STEP 6. Editing the Film

1. Upload the film to movie editing software. 2. Do a rough cut of the scenes.  3. Add audio. 4. Analyze and tighten up the scenes.  5. Review the film and create a final cut.   

Do it together

When it comes to some work, you should always ask others before starting any work.